La Valle® “Primum”

La Valle® “Primum”, the first born, the foundation of the La Valle® spirit.

Bottled for the first time in 1993, made from an attentive selection of Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, and Pinot Nero grapes from the winery’s historic vineyards which are vinified separately and then magically reunited in elegant and sublime harmony. Inside the quiet La Valle® cellars, safe from light and at a constant temperature and humidity, time does its work and “Primum” reaches its splendid maturity. It is a strong and decisive brut, well balanced between aromas and freshness, structure and elegance. Intense, complete, refined, and generous in both aroma and taste, it demonstrates its richness in its excellent harmony of lines, bubbles, colors and scents.

It is the heart of the La Valle® line and its unique style remains constant and identifiable over time. “Primum” is the classic Franciacorta wine, perfect for every taste, ideal for every occasion.

Excellent aperitif or perfect to accompany any dish.

La Valle Primum