La Valle® “Regium”

La Valle® “Regium”, the king of the La Valle® line, the symbol of the great millésime.

It is the perfect interpretation that La Valle® gives to excellent and extraordinary years.

It is obtained from an extremely accurate selection of Chardonnay grapes from only the oldest vines of the historic La Valle® vineyard, grapes so noble they can stand alone.

A masterpiece of freshness, elegance, and strength, a brut that is full of character, harmonious, complex, and rich. It rests in the quiet darkness of the corners of the ancient La Valle® cellar for at least five years from the harvest. It is a long voyage to maturity in order to fully express the wealth of aromas and create a magically subtle personality for a Franciacorta with a style that is unique and without equal. It is the strongest expression of the La Valle® line.

“Regium” is ideal for aperitifs and to accompany important dishes with rich and intense flavors.

La Valle Regium