La Valle® “Rosé”

La Valle “Rosé”, the poetry that celebrates an magic meeting.

The nobility and elegance of Chardonnay harmoniously wedded to the structure and power of Pinot Nero from the terraced vineyard named Roccolo: unique grapes that, vinified separately, after a brief maceration on the skins, provide an enchanting and seductive pink color, a brilliant foreshadowing of sublime pleasure. With the knowing union of these two grapes so different in character, and their long, slow aging in the cellar, La Valle® has placed its seal on an extraordinary brut. Essence and personality combined in a subtle game of freshness and balance embrace the palate and delight the senses with harmonious subtleties.

La Valle® “Rosé” is a lively explosion of fragrances and flavors, refined and elegant and simultaneously complex and rich.

Ideal for an aperitif and every dish, even important second courses; excellent with shellfish and baked fish dishes.

A unique and special companion for all romantic encounters.

La Valle Rosé