La Valle® “Satèn”

La Valle® “Satèn”, a masterpiece of elegance, the definition of Franciacorta.

“Satèn”, a name that evokes the delicacy of silk, a unique wine because it can be made only in Franciacorta, in a marvelous La Valle® interpretation. A brilliant marriage of only white grapes, Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco, that is distinguished by its incredible finesse. A brief passage in small oak casks and a quantity of added sugar smaller than that used in any other spumante create, during the secondary fermentation in the bottle, a magical sparkling wine that gently caresses the palate. A seductive and delicious brut, fresh, soft, silky, gently fruity and floral, a perfect poem of scents, a symphony of pleasant notes that embrace the senses like a walk in the moonlight, La Valle®’s “Satèn” provides the most refined and exclusive pleasures of Franciacorta.

Excellent companion for important occasions and a regal aperitif, it is an extraordinary match for delicate dishes and is perfect with shellfish.

La Valle Satèn