La Valle® “Zerum”

La Valle® “Zerum”, a treasure of scents and flavors, provides a fascinating voyage in time.

“Zerum” is the Riserva par excellence; it is one of the extraordinary Franciacorta wines that, only after 60 months of aging, enter a “second life” made of subtleties and rare and uniquely complex scents. “Zerum”, in fact, is left to age in the profound silence of the La Valle® cellars for at least nine years from the harvest, earning a mention as the oldest wine in the line. A produced in very limited quantities and only in exceptional years, “Zerum” is the fruit of a vinification of Chardonnay grapes designed to create a product destined to offer its maximum only with time. “Zerum” takes its name from the zero sugar added, so as not to alter the scents and flavors which its long evolution has created; it is the emotion of perfection and of harmony. It is a truly unique wine, full of character and intense, extremely refined, full and elegant, full of powerful flavors, strength and singular freshness, both in aroma and in flavor.

Ideal for the most exclusive occasions and for accompanying unforgettable moments.

La Valle Zerum